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How to buy

We are happy to explain you how to order goods in our online gothic shop.
It is very similar and in many aspects it is the same like shopping in an offline shop.

Easy, fast and simple shopping is our goal.

Is a registration required?

Yes, a registration is required.
It is possible to look at all products on our e-shop without registration but buying is only allowed for registered customers.

Of course, the registration in our system is free of charge.
Every customer has to go through the ordering system and enter the necessary details to realise an order.

How to make a registration?
Click on "Login" in the top menu. Move up to the box "Sign In" and press "Registration".
Fill out all the required details and press the “Register“ button.
If you fill out everything correctly you will obtain an account in our database with your name and password.

The next time you want to place an order in our e-shop you just have to log in and it is no longer necessary to fill out your details again.

If you want to cancel your account, just report your request and we do the necessary.

Changing or cancelling your personal details is possible at any time.
In this case you should go to the link of personal details which you find in “My account”.

You can log out of the system at any time by clicking on the button “Log out”

The most important link is the overview of your orders.

Here you can check all your orders from our e-shop including all written details.

At the same time you can find here a detailed overview of your order

(In process, unpaid,…etc..)

When the delivery address is not the same like you have entered in your personal details, it is also possible to change this.

All this information can be found on the page “My Account” (push button “My Account” in right top corner).

If you are registered and you want to login to our system, please click on „Sign in“, type your email address and password that you have chosen at the time of registration.

When you forgot your password, choose the link “Request a new password” which you find on the login page, enter your email address that you have used for registration of your account and press the button “Request new password”.
Our system will find this email address in our database and send you a new password by return mail.

Overview of our products and selection by category

On the left part of each page you will find the list of categories and sub-categories.

You will find here, fast and easy, anything you are looking for.

Each category may contain products and a sub-category with its related products.

When you click on a specific category or sub-category, you will find the overview of all the related products that we offer.

If the list of products is longer than 1 page, the numbers of products are automatically divided into more pages.

Just click on the number of the page that you need and the system will guide you to that page.

If you want to see all products on one page click button “all”

Searching a product: 
We hope that you will regularly find new goods that you are of your interest

We offer you the possibility to look into our catalogue easy and simple.

On the top left part of the website you will find a „ SEARCH“box.

Just type the name, or a minimum part, of the product’s name that you are looking for and click enter. Our database will be looking for your enquiry and guide you to the specific page.

Inserting products into the shopping cart:
When you are doing shopping in our e-shop, you will use an SHOPPING CART  in which you can add all the goods you’re interested in.

Each item has a name and can be looked at into more detail: click on the button “more info”.

Here you will find the name of the product and its description, pictures and available sizes.

If you want to proceed ordering this product, select the size and quantity that you need and click the button “add tot cart”.

The article will then be moved into your shopping cart

You can also immediately click the button “add to cart” that you will find with any product for sale.

If you want to check which items you have added to the cart, click on the button “Shopping Cart” in the right upper corner of the webpage.

Here you will see the full overview of the articles you are about to purchase

You can always alter the quantity of the products you want to order in the shopping cart by moving the button “quantity”.

If you want to remove an item from the cart, click on the button “X (remove from cart)” that you will find behind each separate item.

Confirm by clicking on the button “remove”.

Payment and delivery method 
The cash register in our e-shop is automatically connected with the shopping cart.

Open the shopping cart and check the items you want to purchase.

If you are happy please proceed by clicking on the button “order”.

You will now get a new page where you have to choose the payment and delivery method as well as the delivery address.

After you make your choice of payment you will see the available methods of delivery.

When completing this, please click the button “continue to confirm the order”

At this stage you can still control your order and make any amendments.

If you want to complete and sent the order, please click on the last button “confirm the order”.

Now your order has been sent and it is not longer possible to make any changes.

We will send you an email with confirmation. 

If you do want to make a change after confirmation and sending the order, please, write us an email from the page “Contact”

If you choose for online payment you will be guided to the payment page.

If you choose for – payment by bank transfer, you will receive information for payment by e-mail.

Information related to your order (waiting payment, paid, order send etc) will be sent to you by email.

All other information about your orders, changes in status of the orders, receiving newsletter etc. you can find on the page “My Account” by pressing the button "My Account" after registration.

If you make an order and choose for online payment but you don’t pay directly, you can still finish the payment later. Open your order from the page “My Account”,  the box “My orders” and go to the link “show all order”.  Open your order and finish payment.

32.00 €
Trousers 405 blue
28.00 €
Cone Stud Bra
82.00 €
Jacket womans red
32.00 €
Trousers 405 red
30.00 €
Necklace The Westenra Choker