Product code: 485

Choker Nevermore Cross


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Chokers Lucy's lavishly delicate jugular garnish, stylishly concealing the punctures beneath. ..

Product code: 1919

Ketting Armageddon


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Product code: 1883

Necklace Bed of Blood-Roses


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Sizing/Capacity (approx.): Overall length 21" (53cm), with a 1 ½" extender chain.   Weight & ..

Product code: 299

Necklace Black Romance


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A black and tortured heart in flight on the extended wings of fickleness.   A bitter-sweet pi..

Product code: 491

Necklace Catafalque


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Black ribbon choker of funerary grace.   A stunning piece of gothic glamour for dramatic day ..

Product code: 461

Necklace Flaming V


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Burn your ears the iconic instrument of the rock and metal axeman is totally on fire!   Polis..

Product code: 477

Necklace Gothic Bat


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The quintessential symbol of gothic darkness, a true creature of the night in full flight.   ..

Product code: 288

Necklace Harbinger


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Black: black as a young raven with a black crystal-dripping black rose, suspended on a pallbearer..

Product code: 482

Necklace Pentagration


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A magically intoned icon of power, the huge, wrought Mediaeval pentagram warns against all threat..

Product code: 311

Necklace Pistonhead


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Wheels have an engine, and a spirited engine has a soul, and sometimes, the soul can be dark! A m..

Product code: 489

Necklace Rose of Passion


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'The unattainable black rose bleeds for what cannot be'.   An elegant gothic piece for the tr..

Product code: 285

Necklace Ruah Vered


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The pentagram is the fifth element; the spirit and the 'Breath of Life', passionately entwined wi..

Product code: 297

Necklace Schadel Des Jarl


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Danelaw instinct provides the strength and fortitude of the Dark Age. Scandinavian rulers will be..

Product code: 291

Necklace Sword of Destiny


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A great, Mediaeval sword of authority, scrolled with the Latin inscription 'Fortune favoured the ..

Product code: 283

Necklace The Romance of The Black Rose


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The mystery of darkness, the unachievable quest, the magic of perfection; the most desired and mo..

Product code: 282

Necklace The Westenra Choker


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Product code: 707

Necklace white hoop


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Product code: 706

Necklace yellow hoop


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